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Beautiful Designs | Exquisite Taste

Our luxury cakes are not only visually stunning but also offer a culinary taste sensation. Discover new flavours as well as visit favourite classics.

Wedding cake tasting must be up there amongst the most enjoyable aspects of planning your big day. What is not to love about sampling delicious cake and deciding what flavours would be most enjoyed by you and your guests?!


At FAB cakes wedding cake tastings are operated via a sample box service which has been hugely popular with clients. Obviating the need for yet another appointment sample boxes are delivered to your door or collection, allowing for tasting and discussion in the comfort of your own home.

1. Classic vanilla with jam & buttercream- 

A light vanilla sponge cake filled with a velvety vanilla buttercream icing and rasberry jam.

2. Rasberry and white chocolate- 

Very light, moist sponge infused with fresh raspberries and filled with white chocolate frosting . 

3. Lemon drizzle-

Zesty lemon sponge with a lemon Swiss meringue buttercream and Sicilian lemon curd (optional)

4. Lemon and poppy seeds-

Lemon and poppy seed sponge with a lemon buttercream filling.

5. Lemon & blueberry 

Zesty lemon & fresh blueberry sponge with Sicilian lemon buttercream.

6. Pistachio & rose-

Pistachio flavoured pastel green sponge with rose buttercream filling

7. Burfi & rose-

Smooth burfi flavoured sponge with rose buttercream frosting

8. Chocolate deluxe-

A moist rich chocolate cake filled with Belgium chocolate buttercream

9. Terry's chocolate orange-

Chocolate Orange Cake layered with Gooey, Chocolate Orange Frosting

10. Red velvet-

A smooth chocolatey sponge smothered in rich cream icing. 

11. Cookies and cream-

A light vanilla sponge cake filled with crushed oreos and filled with oreo buttercream icing. 

12. Blueberry cheesecake-

Blueberry and a hint of soft cheese infused sponge cake with blueberry jam and buttercream. 

13. Almond-

Almond Sponge with an almond flavour buttercream.

14. Coffee & walnut-

Coffee sponge with walnut pieces and a coffee buttercream filling (contains nuts) 

15. Rasberry and coconut-

Coconut and raspberry infused sponge with raspberry jam and coconut buttercream.

16. Salted caramel-

Salted Caramel sponge with a salted caramel filling.

17. Chocolate mint-

Belgian chocolate cake with peppermint essence. Pale green Peppermint buttercream filling.

18. Tropical mango-

Mango cake with mango jam and vanilla buttercream.

19. Pina colada-

A very moist pineapple and coconut (optional) flavoured sponge cake,infused with fresh pineapple and coconut
filled with coconut flavoured buttercream and pineapple jam.

20. Cookie dough-

A rich classic chocolate cake filled cookie dough buttercream with chocolate chips.

21. Pink lemonade-

A moist cake, sweeter and frutier than the average lemon cake, with a natural pink hue, paired with pink lemonade
buttercream to get the most out of the flavour.

22. Carrot cake- 

A subtle carrot flavour, overpowered by the warm embrace of cinnamon and toasted nuts along with
other autumnal spices. Paired with cream cheese buttercream.

23. Cherry bakewell-

A flavour recreating the famous English flavour combination of buttery shortcrust pastry,
sweet jam layers and a subtle taste of almond, incorporating crushed almonds into the cake on layers 
of cherry jam. Paired with almond buttercream.

24. Vanilla latte-

A cake that tastes sweet and creamy at the same time. The strong coffee flavour is the perfect conterpart
to the sweet vanilla and the creaminess of the milk. 

25. Hazelnut praline and toffee-

Toffee flavoured sponge layered with hazelnut praline made with crushed, toasted hazelnuts and
rich, chewy toffee.


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