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One to One Decorating Classes

Our 1:1 classes can be anything you want to learn, you will have the dedicated time of our tutor.  Usually people have an idea of the kind of cake they want to do, or a particular skill they want to cover.  If you know what you want to learn, get in contact with us to arrange a class and date.  If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, check out our most popular classes below.

Elegant Cupcakes Master Class

Cupcakes master class

Modern elegant cupcakes masterclass.  Elegant Romance, Regal or shabby Chic Design, you will be provided with 18 cupcakes to decorate in any theme, covering a variety of skills including:

  • Covering cupcakes to create a flat surface​

  • Creating a buttercream swirl - learn two techniques, swirl and rose

  • Covering cupcakes using texture mats for an embossed and lustred texture of your choice

  • Using silicon moulds and how to get the paste out for a flawless decoration

  • How to create decorations in moulds using more that one colour

  • Using stamps and embossing tools to create beautiful designs

  • Stencilling with royal icing

  • Using lace moulds

  • Different lustre dusts for different effects

  • Get your cupcake decorating questions answered by an expert 

5-hour duration - £145.00

Cake Pops (group class of 4)

  • How to properly prepare cake pops

  • How to avoid cracking, falling off sticks and other issues!

  • How to use both real chocolate and candy for cake pops

  • Dipping cake pops - the best technique for a smooth coat

  • Shaped cake pops

  • Learn FAB Cakes very own patterned cake pop technique

  • Making sugar decorations - flowers, bows, frames & lots more

  • Adding details to your cake pops

  • Get your cake pops decorating questions answered by an expert

3 hour duration - £75.00 per person

Iced Cookie Master Class


In this class you will learn how to decorate shaped biscuits using a variety of techniques.  We will make mini flowers, little rosebuds, bows and create piping effects.  We will ice the cookies using both royal icing and sugar paste.  We will also create piped boarders and plaque designs.  This is done on a one day course and at the end you will be able to take home your creations (biscuits will be pre-made for the class).  Skills include:

  • Embossing

  • Stencilling

  • Border piping

  • Using moulds

  • Stamps

  • Lace

  • Get your cookies decoration questions answered by an expert

1 day class -


Cake Decorating (Beginner)


Cake covering, sharp edges and sugar rose class.  You will be provided with a dummy cake and covered with fondant.  Get sharp edges and a professional finish. 

You will also learn how to make a beautiful sugar rose and leaves to decorate your cake with!


Cake Decorating (Advanced) 

Master Class - 2 days


On our 2 tier masterclass you will learn how to fill. ganache and cover your cakes using sugar paste (fondant) to perfection, achieving beautiful sharp edges, you will then learn the rules of stacking and dowelling a cake.  (Bottom tier to be vanilla sponge with three layers of scruffy filling and top tier to be polystyrene).  We will then make life like sugar roses and blossom flowers.  We will guide you in how to decorate your cake with your delicate sugar flowers and floral stencilled effect.  

During the two days we will do the following:

  • Layering up a 6" sponge, ganaching and covering both real and dummy tiers to achieve a professional looking cake with sharp edges

  • Make Rose and pretty blossom flowers, rose leaves and berries

  • You will be shown how to achieve our signature lustar and sequins effect

2 day class - £500.00 

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