Gift a smash flower makesba perfect gift to your mum, loved one or a friend with a sweet suprise inside! A large belgian chocolate  flower , decorated to fit any theme with a cute little hammer. Smash away and see what’s inside! This floral heart has been filled with personalised cookies, cakesicles, donuts, fresh flowers, sweets, etc. If you want to add your own special gifts such as an engagement ring 💍 pamper items, gifts, money, etc. you can add it with the treats inside! The heart includes - 1 x large belgian chocolate heart of your theme and colour. 
2 x large cookies
2 ×mini cookies
2 x cupcakes 
Small chocolates

The flower comes in a clear lid gift box with silk flowers. Please include your colour/theme requirment when purchasing. Perfect for any special occasion, gender reveal, engagement gift or celebration!
These items may contain Soya, Nuts, Dairy and Gluten, please drop us a message to discuss any other dietary reqirements!
All our products DO NOT contain any alcohol or gelatine.
All our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Currentbprocessing time 4 working days 
All items are individually wrapped.

Smash flower